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City Lake Fish Kill Update


City Lake Fish Kill Update:

August 24, 2020


On the morning of August 17, 2020 Council Woman Sheryl Baker was notified that there were hundreds of dead fish floating at the city lake. Once Baker arrived to the city lake she notified mayor Ashley Faulkner of the situation. Mayor Faulkner then notified Police Chief Jerry Ford, Ford had, in recent months made contact with the Wildlife Department regarding our city lake on the stock and what could be done to make improvements. Ford made contact with SE Region Fisheries Biologist David Bogner. Bogner and John Kelley (OK Wildlife Dept) arrived on scene to assess the situation. Around 12:30pm Bogner and Kelley launched a boat into the lake to investigate the situation, taking samples, measuring depth and assessing the fish.

Upon initial assessment, Bogner believes the fish kill was a result of a lack of dissolved oxygen in the water due to shallow lake depth, algae blooms and cloudy overcast in the days leading up to the event. Oklahoma Wildlife Department will be releasing an official report by August 31, 2020. (Report will be posted on city website)

August 18, 2020, Code Enforcer Cathy Bailey contacted DEQ’s Jonathan Schulz. Upon arriving to the lake he evaluated the situation and spoke with Wildlife Department. Schulz concluded that the “fish kill was caused by a DO issue from an algal bloom”.

Oklahoma Wildlife Department and DEQ both stated as far as cleanup of the fish kill, nature would take its course. The city will assess the shores of the lake each week to clean up what is on the shores and bank area.

The city PWA department collected water samples from the lake as a precautionary measure, sent samples to ERT lab. Still awaiting results. (Report will be posted on city website)

The city continues to monitor the conditions of the lake.