City Treasurer

The city treasurer, after being duly elected, shall serve as an officer of the city and shall have the responsibilities of keeping the city funds in proper order. The city treasurer shall deposit daily all funds coming into his/her hands in such depositories as the council may designate; and shall disburse such funds in the manner provided applicable by law or ordinance. The city treasurer shall provide to the council a financial statement whenever required by the council; shall handle all billing for utilities (water, sewer, trash) and maintain records and deliquencies; provide list of all bills paid each month at council meeting. The city treasurer shall be computer literate and operate such equipment; shall do payroll, taxes, and insurance payments. The city treasurer shall maintain cemetery records, sales and stake out grave sites; shall handle all health insurance claims; shall handle and maintain drawdowns, records and such administrative duties on CDBG projects and other city grants; and shall act in other secretarial capacities, typing, handle messages, complaints, etc. (11 O.S. Section 9-113)

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