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Effective Immediately - City Hall is CLOSED to Public


City of Hartshorne 
Protocol for COVID-19


The City of Hartshorne holds the safety of our employees to the highest standards. The COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) has become a major concern in our Nation, State, and our Hometown. It is at this time that we would like to present the following to our City Council as an urgent act to protect our employees.


1. Effective immediately, City employees, (seasonal, water department, and street and alley crew) will be sent home for 2 weeks, with pay, due to the COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS). Employees will be classified as “On Call” status ONLY for this

2 (two) week period. If “On Call” employees are called out for an emergency, it will be mandatory that they follow safety precautions to prevent being infected. Front door WILL REMAIN CLOSED AT ALL TIMES.


2. Police Officers will remain on duty with no unnecessary contact with the public. Emergency calls will be made as usual and it will be mandatory that Officers follow safety precautions to prevent being infected. Front door WILL REMAIN CLOSED AT ALL TIMES.


3. With the front office consisting of the Clerk, Treasurer, and PWA Billing, they will be working Monday, Wednesday, Friday in shifts to prevent any contact. Payments will be placed in the drop-box and received online. PWA Billing will report first to process water payments, answer any calls, and process mail. Clerk will report second to answer emails, return phone calls, and process court payments, Treasurer will report afterwards to make deposit, answer emails, and return phone calls. Front door WILL REMAIN CLOSED AT ALL TIMES.


4. All Nutrition Center Employees will follow the feed the need mandate. If feed the need mandates a closing, employees will be paid up to 2 weeks.