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Animal Control/Code Enforcement Job Opening



City of HartshorneJob Description Code Enforcement/ Animal Control Officer

Job Title: Code Enforcement/Animal Control Officer

Department: Police Department

Reports To: Chief of Police

FLSA Status: Non-exempt SUMMARY Code Enforcement: The purpose of this position is to investigate, address and enforce City ordinances and protect the health and safety of the Hartshorne’s citizens. In addition, ensure compliance with City building, maintenance, and fire codes for commercial and residential properties. This is accomplished by conducting physical inspections, identifying and responding to complaints of code violations and facilitating and investigating illegal dumping and tampering of water and/or electrical services. Other duties may include maintaining records, researching methods and codes, interacting with contractors and other departments, public education activities, assisting the general public, providing administrative support. Animal Control: The purpose of this position is to enforce ordinances and laws regarding animal violations. This is accomplished by patrolling within the City limits, responding to complaints, impounding animals, providing assistance to the general public, caring for animals at the shelter, maintaining the animal shelter and removing wild animals from residences. Other duties may include maintaining equipment, disposing of dead animals, determining animal ownership, offering suggestions to animal owners regarding complying with laws and ordinances, investigating instances of animal cruelty and animal attacks (In conjunction with police) ,maintaining records on violations and communicating with other City employees and citizens. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Code Enforcement:

Enforces City codes and ordinances for sign, zoning, property maintenance, andnuisances by conducting inspections, investigating violations, taking photographs,issuing notices and citations and conducting follow-up investigations.

•Responds to complaints about code violations by notifying and informingestablishments and individuals of violations to City ordinances, conducting inspections,and issuing citations.

•Investigates violations of illegal dumping and tampering of water services byinvestigating illegal water connections and reports of illegal dumping, photographing


violations, gathering evidence for court cases, issuing citations, testifying in court and coordinating the removal and disposal of illegal and/or hazardous material and debris.

•Assists the general public by answering the telephone, responding to inquiries andproviding information on departmental and City policies and procedures. Attendsneighborhood meetings and conducts public education activities.Provides various form of administrative service by generating reports, maintaining filesand records, preparing memos and correspondence, inputting case information into adatabase, and researching legal information.

•Ensures compliance of building codes and ordinances by conducting field inspections ofcommercial and residential properties, reviewing building, electric and maintenancecodes, determining whether codes are being met, assigning citations when appropriate,conducting regular follow-up inspections, helping resolve problems, issuing certificatesof occupancy and performing final inspections in coordination with BuildingInspector(s).

•Interacts with citizens, contractors and other departments by explaining coderequirements and corrections. Coordinates actions with other employees anddepartments.

Animal Control:

Provides humane treatment to animals at the shelter by providing water and food, exercising and interacting with individual animals as time permits and moving animals into clean cages.•Maintains animal pound by performing small repairs, cleaning the pound, disinfecting and rinsing outside and inside animal runs, cleaning, monitoring and securing cages and storing and preparing supplies.•Removes wild/domestic animals from residences on request by building and maintaining traps, delivering and demonstrating the proper use of traps, setting traps, picking up trapped animals and relocating and releasing animal.•Maintains equipment by adjusting and repairing traps and cages, washing trucks and maintaining fluids and air levels in trucks.•Disposes of dead animals by locating animal bags, loading animals onto the truck and transporting them to the landfill. In addition, coordinate euthanasia with Veterinary specialist.•Coordinate, quarantine efforts with Veterinary specialist, to determine quarantine need and carry out observations as necessary.

REQUIRED EDUCATION, DEGREES Minimum High School Diploma or GED. CERTIFICATES, AND/OR LICENSES: Must possess a Valid Oklahoma Driver’s License with good driving record as defined by city policy. Must be able to obtain Certified Code Enforcement Officer Certification from the Oklahoma Department of Health within 1 year of hire. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Must submit to and pass pre-employment drug test. Preference may be given to applicants who hold a valid peace officer license through CLEET and/or possess a Certified Code Enforcement Officer Certification. Must not have been convicted of a crime of moral turpitude or any driving under the influence violations.