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Federal Case Update - Shirley Day


The City of Hartshorne invites interested residents to fill out a victims report for Federal Prosecutors in regard the Case against former City Treasurer, Shirley Day.  Day entered a formal plea of guilty to one count of Theft of Federal Program Funds. Day agreed to full restitutuion of $160,043.00.  Formal sentencing will occur after or around 120 days from 06.07.2021. Because you are a resident of the City of Hartshorne, you are deemed a “victim” as well as the city itself.  We  encourage you to feel free to contact any council member, or come by city hall to pick up a form.  You can also present your submission as a document but the information needed in heading is available on the court provided form.  We ask you to return your statement as how this theft directly, indirectly, affected you as an individual citizen and the city in general.  Please return this to the city hall for delivery to the Federal prosecutors. Please use Victim Identification Number 6422205 when you are submitting your statement.



Thank you