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CURBSIDE PICK-UP - June 12, 2021


June 12, 2021 is Curbside Pick-up Day for the City of Hartshorne. If you would like to have trash picked up at your residence, please contact the City of Hartshorne at 918-297-2544 and request that your address be included on the June 12th pick-up list. Listed below are the items that are NOT eligible for pick-up.

Non-Acceptable Items:

Florescent tubes (bulbs)

Hazardous Waste                                                         

Flammable Waste                            

Reactive Waste                                           

Medical Waste                                   

Radioactive Waste                           

Septic Waste  





Vehicles - Cars, Trucks, etc.                                   

Empty Tanks - (gas, oil, etc.)                                 

Used Oils - (motor, hydraulic, mineral, cutting, etc.)

Barrels-unless empty w/both ends cut off               

White Goods - (refrigerators, washers, dryers, etc.)                     

Any and all electrical items (such as anything that has an electrical plug-in cord)